BrightSource Productions is a full service video production company located in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have an internal team of artists that can handle all aspects of a video project and we have a large external team of writers, storyboard artists, editors, motion graphic artists and production crew.

We often work directly with marketing departments of some of the SF Bay Area's most innovative corporations and firms. Our approach is to listen carefully to our client's needs and then put our collective creative energy into dreaming up and executing on a video that will bring excitement, interest and visibility to a particular product, service or event. We have found that corporations in Silicon Valley are very competitive and fast moving so we have developed a production pipeline that works well on deadlines and can handle multiple projects simultaneously.

Ultimately, the only videos worth watching are ones with compelling stories. BSP makes videos with the story at the center, beautiful cinematography, a clean design esthetic, innovative motion graphics and a team who loves what they do.

Our Work



Alex Braddock

Coming out of Philadelphia, from Drexel University’s film school, I returned home to the Bay Area, ready to do any and all kinds of post production. I love editing, motion graphics, as well as all things sound. Having played music all my life, I have a background of writing music, but I also studied sound design and mixing.


John Leestma

I’ve been around corporate and commercial video production for a while and have learned a lot along the way. Now we’re building the company that I always wanted to work for; one that cares about making creative and compelling videos and has fun along the way. I work as an in-house producer, director, DP,  and janitor.


Matt Shaw

I moved to San Francisco to start composing songs for local film makers and quickly gained success in commercial music.  I wanted to broaden my skills in the video world and started learning and soon working as a video editor and sound designer. I am now an editor for BSP with a focus on color grading and sound mixing.





If you’re hosting a live event like a Users/Developers Conference or an internal event like a Sales kickoff or All-Hands Meeting, we have developed a live editing and recording system which edits in real time and captures demos, slides and multiple camera angles so that nothing is missed. We can also take that live edited signal and stream it out to the world or keep it password protected and invite only. We can provide this service in multiple rooms simultaneously.

We stream by using the Ustream service with our broadcasting hardware. Ustream allows for custom branding either through your companies Ustream channel or set up on our Ustream account.

The three Advantages of Live editing and streaming:

1. Quick Turnaround

We are editing live, this means when the show is over we just have to add optional graphics, make any requested content edits and encode for our client’s preferred video platform (e.g., Vimeo, YouTube, etc.). What used to take days inserting slides into hours of footage, happens in real-time.

2. Demos or any interactive presentations are captured and edited into the video.

There is no good way to add demos in post-production. We record all the demos as they happen. Whatever is being shown on-screen at the event will go into our edit in real-time.

3. Remote Attendees see everything

The ability to stream a program feed including different camera angles and presentation slides/demos, allows viewers from anywhere on the planet to see every aspect of a event as it happens.



We have a fixed day rate that includes:

A 12 foot seamless white or green background.

2 4x4 Kino Flow lights to light the background.

6, 20amp circuits

Wireless and wired internet

A small kitchen

Ground floor Load in.

The studio is 25 x 22 feet and is a great size for talking head videos, product videos and photography

Other grip, lighting, sound and camera equipment is available for rent.

Located just off Park St. in Alameda with restaurants and coffee shops nearby.

Please send an email to
to schedule a studio rental or tour.

Project BSP

What it is:

We love to make videos for innovative companies that are changing the way the world uses technology and does business, but we also want to make sure we are contributing our talents and skills to organizations that are making the world a better place. We will make one free video for a non-profit per year.

How to apply:

Get your team together, turn on your camera phone (or any other video camera) and tell us about what you do. Post your video on Youtube and send your link to

How we decide:

If you are an established non-profit with a decent marketing budget, we would love to work with you, but you do not qualify for a free video. We are looking for a non-profit that does not have the recourses to make a compelling promotional video. We are looking for organizations that do not yet have big recourses but have big plans for making our world more just, healthier, less hungry or thirsty and full of more opportunity for everyone.


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